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Shiny Hunting in The new Pokemon games

In the new Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes there will be a change to how Shiny Pokémon are found. As of patch v1.1 the shiny charm will only work on eggs hatched so the odds of 8192 will be for most Pokémon. This does however make it faster than it already was to use the Masuda method to shiny hunt. The Masuda method is where a Pokémon from a different country will breed with the Pokémon that you want to shiny hunt. This for some reason increases the odds to find a shiny. This with the bonus of the shiny charm will make it incredibly easy to find shinys this way.

The old way of shiny hunting will return as well with the PokeRadar. This will show the tall grass shaking when there is something in it. And then when there’s a shiny in the grass it will have small yellow/golden stars coming out of the grass. This will also make it easier to find Shiny Pokémon.

In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl the starters will not be shiny locked so that they will be able to be hunted. To see if your starter is shiny you will need to enter a battle. If the starter is not shiny you just have to close the game and re-open it and you will be able to try again. This is the same for all the legendary Pokémon in the game apart from any obtainable Mystery Gift.

Many Shiny Hunters are hoping and believe that there will be a change to the Shiny Charm. This change will be to where it affects all encounters and not just egg hatches.

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