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Self-driving car

This blog post will cover what a self-driving car is and how they can be useful in day to day life.

What is a self driving car?

A driverless/self-driving car is a vehicle that doesn’t require any manual driving. You would simply enter a destination and be taken to that place. It doesn’t require much human input and can let someone travel safely. It isn’t completely driverless, meaning that the driver could take control of the car if they wanted to.

How safe is a self driving

In terms of safety, you will more likely be safe in a driverless car instead of a person driving. This is due to several different reasons. For example, human error is common in car accidents. If a computer were to be driving however, there would be less likelihood of a crash. A self-driving car can also spot things that a person might not, which can further reduce the chances of an accident. Apparently 90% of car accidents is due to human error, such as going on a red light or not noticing a car and then turning. This can be reduced heavily with a driverless car since the computer will be less likely to make errors.

There are concerns about people not being as experienced in driving if they owned a driverless car. This means that in the future, if someone who drove in a driverless car had to start driving manually, they are not as experienced and can cause problems on the road


šA pro of a self-driving car is that you could have improved productivity. The car will drive you to your location and you would be able to focus on something else. This means that you will also be able to save time in the future because you were able to complete some work whilst travelling.

šAnother pro could be if you were in a state where driving would be unsafe. A self-driving car would be a better alternative instead of driving yourself. Such states could include being intoxicated. It would be much safer for both you and other drivers if a self-driving car was driving instead.

šAnother pro is efficiency. A driverless car can save time with parking. There can also be less traffic since accidents will be less frequent, and cars will be more efficient. They can also be incredibly fuel efficient and can reduce emissions


šThere are cons about driverless cars. One is that you are vulnerable to being hacked. This means that the car can be controlled by a hacker and you lose control of the car.

šAnother con of a driverless car is privacy concerns. Because there is a computer that will be driving you to your destination, the places you go and routes you take can be tracked and recorded.

šA self-driving car will be expensive to build and also to buy. This means that not all people will have access to them. This is likely to be short term issue, due to the cars being cheaper in the future.

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