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  • Scorpions attack Egyptian villages
Scorpions attack Egyptian villages


After a violent storm in the southern Egyptian province of Aswan, the heavy rain flooded the hideout of snakes and scorpions causing them to come out in large numbers. The storm has immobilized navigation in the Nile River for hours, power was also cut off for hours. Photos are being shared on social media that show trees crashing on cars.

Aswan is situated on a flat land around the Nile while being surrounded by a hilly area, that hilly area is home to dangerous scorpions and snakes.

Egypt is home to one the deadliest scorpions in the world, their venom can kill a human in an under an hour, usual symptoms are heavy breathing and nausea with muscle twitching.

It has reported that 503 people were stung by the scorpions, fortunately they were treated by anti-venom quickly.

Authorities has told Egyptian citizens not to go out and to avoid walking in areas where tree has fallen as scorpions and snakes hide there.

Although there have been reports of three dead people, and they are being associated with the scorpion attacks on social media, the Egyptian authorities have clarified that those dead three people were soldiers that got electrocuted as a result of the destruction the floods have done.

written by Oussama Mahrouk