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Sword Art Online (SAO)


Sword Art Online / SAO (ソードアート・オンライン) is an Anime/Novel which I have finished watching recently. SAO contains 25 episodes in the Anime which spans over 2 series lasting 9 hours each.

SAO Overview

SAO is set in the year 2022 where a virtual reality headset (similar to the Oculus Rift but enhanced, being 2022), the Nerve Gear, has a game called SAO (Sword Art Online) released. But upon logging into SAO players discover that there is no logout option, also if the headset is forcibly removed, or the player dies in-game, the Nerve Gear emits a strong microwave to the users brain (killing them). For the players to be able to log out, they must complete all 100 stages of SAO to complete the game.

The beginning of the SAO series and game (since there are 3 different games which appear in the series, as well as depicting them in real life) with a protagonist called Kirito. Kirito was also one of the 1000 beta players of SAO before it was publically released, this gives him further knowledge of the game as well.

Upon playing SAO Kirito finds another strong player called Asuna, not to spoil the story, but they form a strong emotional connection in-game, which leads to them trying to meet in real life (after the completion of SAO). This then leads to the real life sections of the Anime then into another VRMMORPG (Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game),

For the second season of the Anime, specifically the second section, the stories protagonist slowly changes more towards Asuna than Kirito. Personally I found this part less interesting than the first season, or the first part of the second (which takes place in the third VRMMORPG, Gun Gale Online).


I found SAO Anime extremely easy to watch, I did not get bored at the beginning of it like I would have done with other Anime series. It also allowed for large rational changes in scenery and lore, since they were playing games, but the agility and overall passion/power that Kirito possesses is consistent.

Although I did find the Asuna specific section of SAO less interesting than Kirito’s (or them together), it was still an interesting section which could leave views emotional. I would rate SAO 9/10, there are only a few sections I found less interesting, but I would defiantly recommend it to friends, especially since I found it easy to watch.

If you would like to watch SAO you can view it on Crunchyroll, I would not recommend buying the Blu-rays since it’s around £20 for 5-7 episodes on Amazon, but you might be able to find it cheaper if you look around.

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