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Salford City College

Salford city college is one of the best colleges in greater Manchester and the IT department of this college received a notification from Ofsted of being the only IT department in the country which is grade one department in 2013.

The teachers at this college have great knowledge when it comes to IT and they are always go the extra mile to help students when they are behind with there work and they even attend college when it is half term to help and support students who are behind with there work for a number of reasons e.g. illness, family problems, capabilities, etc. This is something you will not find in any other college and i am glad i was given this opportunity otherwise i would be unable to achieve my high grades.

Lee Chadwick is the curriculum leader and his team includes great teachers such as Ioannis Ntizoglou, Janet Mason and Steph Riley.

My experience at Pendleton has been great and I look forward to further my studies in September. The knowledge I gained here at Pendleton College, allowed me to have a better understanding of the IT world by gaining the knowledge on how to develop my own software applications, Databases, animations and websites as well as  producing my own attractive Graphic design portfolio and improve my confidence and become more out spoken.

The Systems Analysis unit I have completed with Ioannis Ntizoglou  allowed me to have a clear understanding of how to improve software applications and databases as well as managing projects and start meeting deadlines by completing the IT Project unit again with Ioannis Ntizoglou .

Last year I was  lacking in confidence and panicking easily every time I had to complete a task. This had as a result for me not to produce the work I was capable of producing however with the help and support of my teachers I have now managed to over come these issues and I learned how to optimise my time and plan my tasks in such a way that I was able to achieve a successful outcome. Prior to this I was panicking easily because I was trying to see the full picture which for anyone is to much. By spending some extra time with Mr Ioannis Ntizoglou he taught me how to break down big tasks in to small sections in order to achieve a successful outcome. A big thanks to all my teachers for the help and there support they have provided me for the last 3 years and  a special thanks to Ioannis Ntizoglou who has stayed behind  a number of times after lessons to help me complete outstanding work and sharing his knowledge with me to make me wiser.

Thank you Pendleton College for allowing me to identify who I really am and what I am really capable of achieving.


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