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  • Saints Row has been delayed
Saints Row has been delayed

Saints Row which was meant to get a reboot in February 2022 has been delayed until at least 2023. The new release date is very vague because it is supposed to come out “in the financial year of 2022/2023” this could be anywhere between March 2022 and April 2023 which is why it is unclear how long the delay will be.

There was no specific reason given to why Saints Row has been delayed but many people believe it is to make the players be assured quality in game. “In order to put the product quality first and optimize the outcome for all parties – gamers, employees, shareholders – we have decided to postpone a number of releases from FY 21/22 to FY22/23. This includes Saints Row and another unannounced but earlier expected AAA title in the fourth quarter.

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