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python vs C++


C++ is just the version of C that has classes within it, though the modern version of C++ has other functions and programming styles built into it (functional features, generic features, and also low-level memory manipulation)

Python is the high-level language that is the closest to English language. It has access to a lot of libraries to create any different projects all over the world

In robotics

Both are very good and are usually the languages people go to whenever they want to create a robot project. I for example am going to create a smart robot project and will be using C++ to create it. The reasons why C++ is a good project to be making is because of the performance benefits you gain because the compiler is very fast and the hardware libraries for the language helps the machine understand the code a little better then python, which makes no sense to the machine.

Though python actually makes the project level easier and/or simpler since you don’t have to incorporate as much code as you would C++, however it has been said that certain parts of robot projects that are “heavy” are better programmed using C++ and that python is sometimes just better for testing and for “lighter” parts of code.

In machine learning

when it comes to machine learning python is the widely used programming language due to it’s simplicity and the amazing ML libraries that come with it plus it can also run any OS which also makes it very flexible.

The C++ rich library and fast runtime makes it a pretty good option for machine learning, especially when it comes to much, much heavier projects however it is very complex and only makes things a lot harder due to the already complex nature of C++.

In games

Out of the two, C++ is the lower level language, meaning that its closer to the hardware, this also means that you will get a better performance, runtime, and better memory handling/manipulation. Most popular and successful game have some sort of C++ programmed into them (clash of clans, call of duty, far cry 5), so C++ is definetly a great way if you want to make a really good game and make a good profit off of a great and complex idea of game you want to complete.

Python on the other hand, is a lot simpler and doesn’t give you as much complexity and freedom as the older language, this can be a good thing depending on what you do but simpler games that aren’t as heavy (flappy bird, tic-tac-toe) are created by python. This can benefit beginners but when it comes to making games that are a lot more complex you will need to learn new materials and tools for the job.