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  • Psycho Pass-Series review
Psycho Pass-Series review

Psycho Pass-Series review

I have recently started to watch a TV show that you may not of heard of called Psycho Pass and I think it is fantastic and would highly recommend anyone to watch it. so this show is set in the future where something called the sibyl system has the access to see into your brain and calculate how likely it is that you would commit a crime, this in turn creates something of a perfect world. the criminals that they find have the option to become police dogs “you need a criminal to catch a criminal” this works well but there are 0.1% of the population who don’t have a Psycho Pass so you don’t know if they could commit a crime therefore they are immune to sibyl, these are the main “bad guys.”

Main Characters

  • Akane (Inspector)
  • Kogami (Police Dog)
  • Shogo (Criminal)
  • Ginoza (Inspector)
  • Kagari (Police Dog)

Image Sources: madman

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