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  • PS5 vs Xbox Series X
PS5 vs Xbox Series X

It’s been nearly 12 months since the release of the two next-gen consoles the PS5 and Xbox Series X the last time we got two new next gen consoles was back in 2013 with the release of  the PS4 (15th November 2013) and the Xbox One (22nd November 2013).With the release of two new consoles people will be overwhelmed with the two options both coming with brand new next generation features. That’s why I’ve created this blog to provide the benefits and drawbacks for each console.



  • Vast amount of exclusives including Spider-man,God of War,Uncharted 4 and much more.
  • DualSense Controllers with haptic feedback,adaptive triggers and built in audio.
  • Powerful Console able to run games like Borderlands 3,COD Warzone and Fortnite at 120fps.
  • Supports 4K for certain games
  • Multiple modes i.e Fidelity Mode (Improved Graphics),Performance Mode (Sacrifices graphics for higher fps) and Performance RT (combination of Fidelity and Performance mode)
  • Backward Compatible with PS4 games

Xbox Seriex X-Features/Advantages

  • Contains a 1TB SSD
  • More backwards compatible.Being compatible with the Xbox one games,Xbox 360 games and original Xbox games.
  • 1TB expansion cards are available which can simply be plugged into the back of the console
  • Xbox Game pass for just £7.99 per month which includes over 100 high quality console games including games like Control and Forza Horizon 4
  • 120 fps supported for games such as Doom eternal,Halo:The Master Chief Collection,COD Cold War and much more
  • GPU with 12 Teraflops. The more Teraflops a GPU has the faster the data can be processed and the more computing power it has

In conclusion, I believe it all comes down to personal preference. When it comes down to performance the Xbox Series X is slightly more powerful however, the difference in graphics and performance between the PS5 and Xbox Series X is practically indistinguishable. So, it’s better to buy the console you want depending on which exclusive games you would rather play i.e., Forza Horizon or Spider-man or if you are on a budget, which then you should opt for the Xbox Series X to get Xbox game pass giving you access to a vast library of games which is constantly being expanded. However, some people prefer to play with friends therefore you may want to buy your console accordingly.


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