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Programming Gets Easier After Your First

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Once you learn your first programming language, learning different programming languages will be easier, due to the reason I am about to put forth to you today.

When you first learn a programming language, you are actually learning about the concepts of how a computer deals with a situation. How it can be split into different procedures and how if statements are used. For example Visual Basic uses “Sub” or “Function”, where Java uses “void”, then another is VB using “Dim” to declare a variable, then “float” being used in Java (for integer values), so if you know one of the languages, you will already know how it works.

Due to this, you can also analyse a chunk of code from another program written in another language, and usually understand the basis of what it does.

Although there are different types of programming languages; Procedural Languages, which runs code in the order it was written in, unlike an event driven all code written is run when the program is executed. Object-oriented Languages,which is used mainly when the user only needs to press a button (interact with any object), which can be used for quizzes, when a user enters a right or wrong answer it can create a new object. Then Event Driven Languages, which is the mainly used paradigm, where it requires a user’s input (text/numbers) to output a result, it can be used to make calculations, or to make a login program.

Also if you are interested in learning the Javascript programming language, you can get a one hour course for free, which usually would cost a little under £20, as well as you will learn about 4 other web based languages that you will need to create websites (“Learn The Core Languages & Fundamentals for Web Development in Just 5 Hours”). To do this follow this link which will only grant you this free bundle for a limited time.

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