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Generation 1

Pokémon has been around since 1995 originally called Pocket Monsters in Japan, in the video game it started with Red and Blue in the world wide release but in Japan the original 2 colours released were Red and Green, Red representing Charizard, Blue representing Blastoise and Green representing Venusaur, next on the video game list was a special version which was Yellow representing the company’s mascot Pikachu in which within the game the Pikachu acts like he does in the anime where he refuses to go into his Poké Ball.

Generation 2

The next set of Pokémon releases were Gold and Silver were released in 1999 on the Gameboy colour and just like the previous generation there was a third released called Crystal this introduced a new world to explore called Johto with a new 100 Pokémon to catch extending on the original 151 in Kanto.

Generation 3

Generation 3 now and Pokémon has transitioned from the Gameboy colour to the Gameboy Advance, which allowed for a whole to graphical improvement starting with full colour than just a pallet change in every town like in the previous 2 generations, in this game another 135 Pokémon were introduced to the game taking the total amount of Pokémon that can be caught to 386. This game trio are known as Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald set in the Hoenn region, in this new generation they added in game day and night cycles.

Generation 4

Generation 4 once again had moved on from its previous handheld to the Nintendo DS, which again had allow the game to improve its graphical capabilities a significant amount, while adding another 107 new Pokémon to the 386 that exist bring the total to 493. This generation game set are Diamond, Pearl and Platinum and with new generation being on a new hardware system it allows the game to improve, it improved its sprites of the Pokémon to look 3D, with the Nintendo DS’s being wirelessly accessible to the internet it allow for online battling and trading for the casual Pokémon player and the hard-core Pokémon players.

Fun fact: The Legendary Pokémon of this generation are the creators of time and space in the Pokémon universe known as Dialga (Time) and Palkia (Space) there is also another legendary Pokémon named Arceus that is believed to have created the universe.

Generation 5

Generation 5 now and it took a different approach to how it normally releases the game this time they only released 2 named Black and White. This is on the Nintendo DS system and once again they have improve the sprites of the Pokémon by giving them a constantly moving animation. This generation is set in the region of Unova, this was also a different approach to this set of game as Black and white was the only set of games to receive a sequel with a complete different story, these squeals are called Black 2 and White 2. this generation added a whopping 156 new Pokémon increasing the total to 649, over 600 Pokémon to catch and just remember Pokémon’s slogan “Gotta Catch ‘Em All”

Generation 6

Finally the latest generation, generation 6 this is released on the Nintendo 3DS only, By having the new hardware capabilities once again, they had stepped up their graphical game again into a full 3 dimensional game, the Pokémon sprites, the character you are and the characters you meet are all 3D and a 3D world this is the biggest improvement that this game have ever seen and it bought new perspective to the game.

This generations game pair are X and Y and in this new generation and new region called the Kalos region released only 71 new Pokémon which is a small amount compared to the last few generations but with the new graphical improvements it more than made up for that.

Fun fact: The Kalos region was inspired by the country France as the main city in the game Lumiose City has a similar tower to the Eiffel tower in the centre of the city.