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  • PlayStation is taking over the market!!!
PlayStation is taking over the market!!!

With the release of the new generation of Consoles people went crazy on trying to get them. PlayStation was the more successful with more than 10 million copies sold, and Xbox Series X with more than 5.8 million units sold. People started debating over which console is better.

With this post I will try to look both sides and evaluate which one deserves the crown. Let me start by saying that both of these consoles are amazing in their own way and this should be a personal preference when trying to find out for yourself.

Both consoles have been active in the development of games, but PlayStation had a new games showcase where they have shown their brand new upcoming games and that they will only be available on PlayStation. This has been Sony’s strategy for a long period of time and as we see it works, as if the people want to play a certain game that is owned by Sony PlayStation they will have to buy the console and that’s how the company makes big profit and attracts new customers.

On the other hand Xbox is more of an open system as the games they produce are on multiple platforms and in my opinion it is moving towards becoming a PC based system. Sony gathered the popularity through various advertisement, as they sponsor a lot of companies and Sony’s name is everywhere, maybe we would have seen the same number of units sold for Xbox if it would have been advertised like PlayStation is at this moment.


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  1. 13063020

    I personally prefer the new generation of Xbox because prices are not super inflated like the PS5. The PS5 prices are just crazy I’ve seen them go up to £700+ just because there is a high demand and a low supply people will still buy it when the original price is £349 – £399.


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