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Persian Pop Music

Persian Pop Music

Persian pop music was developed by the 1950s,out of all the stars in this period Viguen became one of the most recognizable pop singers of his period and later became known as the “Sultan of Pop” the Persian pop music included waltz music ,tango and rumba music.in the 1970 the music industry started and the pop music in Iran began to change due to the fact new instruments were introduced such as electric guitars which had imported characteristics however the golden age for pop didn’t last long since it got banned in 1979 during this time these artists of the golden era began performing in the US and other countries  the singers include Moein ,Ebi ,Googoosh and Haydeh

After the revolution that happened in Iran in 1979 many Persians immigrated to the US and radio stations began to broadcast via satellite and this gave birth to the pop music in Iran and the once famous singers began to run tours around the world for the Iranians that took the time to travel and come see them.

after some time artists began to ship their albums in Iran which boosted the Iranian music industry and brought back the culture of the pop music that was missing in Iran as well as giving Iran boosts because of the big sales made this made Iran take away the ban of pop music in Iran and artists once again began rising in Iran one of the artists include Shadmehr was one of the very few singers who got significant support from the people and government  to produce new Persian pop songs by promoting his album on national TV however after some time he moved out of Iran and went to Los Angeles and he continued his career outside Iran but he still released albums and did tours for his fans.

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