JS not enabled PC Windows 10 Running on the Same Type of Processor as Your Phone
  • PC Windows 10 Running on the Same Type of Processor as Your Phone
PC Windows 10 Running on the Same Type of Processor as Your Phone

PC Windows 10 Running on the Same Type of Processor as Your Phone


Windows on ARM allows manufacturers to have a higher battery runtime to laptops than the typical *86 laptops. While running a different CPU architecture may make you think that you cannot run your typical windows apps but x86 emulation is available. x64 emulation is expected to be released not many years from today. Native app support is available which will usually work more smoother than emulated apps.

Well sure you can just get a raspberry pi and create a Linux laptop or have a ready-made Linux (ARM) laptop where brands like… but windows devices are more convenient to a regular user as you don’t have to use a terminal as much as you would on Linux.

This paragraph was created for the purpose of explaining the possibility to run PC windows 10 on a smartphone. If you have an android phone your bootloader may be unlockable (this may void your warranty and I take no responsibility for any damages caused). Some developers have worked on getting Windows on ARM to run on their phones. I do not advise this as at this current moment in time, Microsoft does not practise this therefore if you manage to get this OS running on your phone it is unofficial and may be unstable and it is very likely some of the hardware of your device will not work on Windows on ARM, which is currently officially available on select laptops and has certain limitations compared to windows 10 for *86 laptops.

After Windows on ARM came out, it is expected that apple is creating MacBook’s running their own ARM chips, these processors are similar to the ones used on iPhone.

Now this leaves you with the question about why I wrote all of this. If I’m being honest there was no point of me talking about ARM and *86 (Intel and AMD). But at least you know something interesting and have now realised you have wasted 5 minutes of your life on an article telling you it doesn’t matter which processor your using, it only matters whether a device does what you want it to do. For example, if you want to play latest, high graphics games then currently AMD processors are the most powerful in performance.

A common example of a laptop running windows on ARM is the Surface Pro X which has Microsoft SQ® 2 Adreno™ 690 GPU. Adreno GPUs are common in phones. The movement of the ARM architecture from phones to laptops is efficiency. Currently ARM is not good for a console experience on a laptop but for general use to light gaming its perfect. 5G comes on the Surface Pro X but getting a Surface Pro X over a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ is cheaper and great if you don’t mind running android. If you consider the Samsung Dex feature on the Galaxy Tab S7+ with the keyboard cover it is like running a computer OS even though it is android with different DPI scaling.

However, some cannot live without windows therefore once x64 emulation on Windows on ARM is released it is good to have the benefit of the ARM architectures power efficiency and the ability to emulate windows apps with less speed efficiency.

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