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PC Master Race

Many console hooligans believe that they are superior over PC gamers because of their exclusivity to games such as the Halo franchise and Blood born. HOWEVER, these little big planet waste men don’t understand is what the power of a GTX-980 supported by an i7 processor and 16GB of RAM can actually achieve. No more 900p, 30 FPS, might as well play in slow motion games, but instead the most insane and fluent gameplay there is too offer! (considering budget of course)

I mean if you’ve grown up with a controller in your hand all your life and haven’t taken the superior step of learning to play with a keyboard and mouse then I understand you didn’t stop breastfeeding until you were 12. What these console peasants don’t understand is whilst they swing their Wii remotes causing considerable physical damage to themselves and endless amounts of TV’s that have smashed due to them waving their hands around like there in some sort of harry potter battle is that there is a sensible and intelligent bunch of people that calmly and respectfully love to play games to their optimum whilst quietly socialising with their friends. Surely this must beat arguing with a 13 year old micky mouse kid because he killed you one kill off a nuke right?

What you need to realise is whilst you’re fishing around in your pockets trying to afford the next £50 game, PC superiors get them dirt cheap and usually a whole load of mods come with it! I mean, who can even play vanilla mine craft anymore? Not only this PC gamers can upgrade their hardware to their liking and without the need to buy a new console or two/three different ones just so they can play with Jim on ps4 and bob on Xbox one!
OH and don’t get me started on Red Ring Of Death, now yeah it sounds cool and all… maybe even looks pretty! but you wouldn’t just throw hundreds of pounds down a grid would you? Then why gamble on a Console?

Its up to you to make the decision, peasant or king? if you still want your underpowered cardboard box then go ahead, after all im sure Microsoft and Sony wont be complaining!

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