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PC components

PC are composed of multiple components that work together in order for everything to work as it should, underneath is a list of the main component with a description of what they are and what they do.

CPU (central processing unit) – A CPU is a hardware that carries out the tasks set by user. It process the information set by the computer program. Its performance depends on its “GHz” speed. The amount of cores increase the PCU’s performance as each core counts as double of the “GHz” and the bus speed, so the more cores it has the faster and better the performance. (1 core = 3.0Ghz, dual core = 3.0Ghz x2) The processor is considered the most important part of the computer; this is as it processes all of the data used by the user. To increase CPU’s potential it’s possible to overclock it, this increases the speed of the CPU. Overclocking can be dangerous to the CPU, as it can souse it to easily overheat. A CPU limitations are that different CPU’s need different sockets on a motherboard. This is a crucial limitation as it limits the user in changing/upgrading the processor, as most probably the user would have to replace/change/upgrade the motherboard as well.

Motherboard/Mainboard – A mainboard more commonly known as a motherboard is a board used to hold/connects most of the PC components, such as graphic card, hard drives, DVD drives, ram memory. It contains ports like an usb ps2 ports for a mouse & keyboard, also a DVI & VGA ports for the monitors. The main components of the motherboard are CPU port, north bridge and a south bridge. A CPU socket is a socket for a CPU. A north bridge is used to send and receive information quickly the components that are connected to it are GPU and ram memory. And a south bridge is used to send and receive slower information; it’s used for ports like Audio, Net, PCI, mouse & keyboard and a usb. Every motherboard has to have a form factor; a form factor is the size and the layout of the motherboard. Most of the cases are designed to fit a standard sized motherboard, and the same layout of the screws. Some manufactures like dell and HP produce some motherboards not to the form factor, because they supply their own cases. They have specific inputs/slots, so not all of the processor can fit into it. Also the older motherboards can’t handle new systems so they have to use the older ones like windows xp. Some motherboards sizes might differ causing them not to be able to fit into the cases.

Memory RAM – Ram is also known as random-access memory/device it allows data to be accessed in any random order. Now a DRAM is more common one which doesn’t allow the data to be accessed in any random order, as the data is accessed in chunks/burst. The fastest RAM out now is DDR3, DDR stands for Double data rate. Different RAM has different layouts, so they only fit specific motherboards. RAM memory is a volatile memory; this is because it loses all of the memory stored once the PC is turned off. Ram is basically like an extended cache, all the quick memory that the CPU has to store go into it, and that’s why it doesn’t need to store a permanent memory. It’s limited in size, which can cause the machine to work slow once filled up. It’s also susceptible ti ESD, it only requires 3000 volts to damage the memory in RAM. Different memory types (DDR, DDR2,DDR3), have different pins, which won’t fit into the sockets.

PSU (Power Supply Unit) – PSU also known as Power Supply Unit. It’s used to supply power to the whole PC. They commonly had to become more powerful due to the needs of the components. Different PSU (Power Supply Units) have different amount of pin connectors, the most common one is 20+4. It tries to turn 240V AC into 5V Oi or 12v Oi, which puts a lot of strain on it, which makes it venerable to damage. It also contains a fan, which can get clogged up with dust and stop working. Rated for a certain voltage, the voltage requirement may differ from the components in the machine.

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