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One piece treasure cruise

one piece treasure cruise is a fun and entertaining game that is on both platforms android and iPhone.

The power up/evolution material timetable is below use It to evolve your characters.

one piece evo


There are many characters to collect in this game and if you are lucky enough you might get the ultra super rare characters.

shanks Leader of the Red-Hair Pirates and one of the
Four Emperors. As a young man, he was an apprentice with the Roger Pirates. He was rivals with Mihawk until he lost his left arm and their unsettled final duel is legendary.This character is called shanks and he is an ultra super rare character in the game.

hawkins Captain of the Hawkins Pirates. One of the Worst Generation.
A cool and collected man who doesn’t like jokes. Uses the cards he carries with him to
predict the future and acts on their results. A.K.A. “The Magician.” This character is called Hawkins and he is an ultra super rare character that can only be obtained through the rare recruit.

Garp This character is called Garp he is one of the marine captains in the game and he is very powerful he is also a ultra super rare character. he is also the grandad of monkey .D. luffy.

This is the one piece gameplay and how it looks once you download it.

YouTube video