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  • Olympics 2012 security issues
Olympics 2012 security issues

Olympics 2012 security issue, what happened in the Olympics on 2012 that was held in Britain was that they couldn’t provide enough security for the stadium.

The Ministers took the decision to call up the 1,200 troops who were on standby last week, as the crisis surrounding G4S, just three days before the London 2012 opening ceremony.

There had to be 10,400 guards for the 2012 Olympic Games that were held in Britain but there were only 1,200 guards so then the ministers said that they will provide 3,400 soldiers that were on standby also the people that were organizing the 2012 Olympics at Britain were sued for £553m pound.

The reason that I think that the project has failed is because they did not have enough security to protect the stadium for the Olympics on 2012 that is held in Britain, most of all is that they had to call 3,400 army troops who were on standby. For this the people that were organizing the Olympics 2012 were sued 553 million pound.

Before the military helped out they only had 1,200 men and women protecting the 2012 Olympic stadium but the problem was they had a contract that said they will have 10,400 guards protecting the stadium and even though they had the army to help out by sending 3,400 men it still wasn’t enough to make the contracts agreement.


if I was the project manager I will make sure that we have enough guards to meet the contracts demands also I would have a drill to show them what to do if something happens and make sure that they are fully equipped and ready for any attack that is at the stadium, the men will need to be experienced by that I mean quick thinkers really fit and healthy also they will have to be well organized.


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