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NVIDIA GPUs are being dispatched more

Ever since the release of the RTX 30 series of GPUs by NVIDIA, it has been almost impossible to get one because of many reasons. These include people using bots to buy multiple GPUs at a time to resell them at a higher price. There was also when a truck carrying a hundreds of the new Graphics Cards was robbed and all of the cargo in the truck was taken. This resulted in around $340,000 worth of stock lost.

However, thanks to increase in the amount of shipments containing the 30 series GPUs hopefully make it possible for more people to buy one. In the recent quarter Intel wend down in sales by 6.2%. AMD went up 1.4% in sales. And NVIDIA went up by 4.82% in sales.

However, Intel shipments decreased by 18.2%, AMD shipments decreased by 25.6% while NVIDIA shipments rose by 8%.

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