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Nonagon infinity, the endless album

The album Nonagon Infinity (by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard) may be the perfect psychedelic, prog rock album.

For some background, Nonagon Infinity was released on the 29th April 2016, which was released later than expected. Originally, the album was supposed to be released before Paper Mâché Dream Balloon; but due to the complexity of the design it had to be delayed. Whilst creating Nonagon Infinity the band would play the last 30 seconds of the last song to make it; this was so the two songs will blend together well when played back to back. Also many people say that Nonagon Infinity is gizzards breakthrough album.

In the album each song has their own unique part which contributes to this post apocalyptic world gizzard seem to be creating, which links many of their other albums together; even future songs.

To some people, when listening to the entire album for the first time, they say that it is hard to tell when one song stops, and the next starts. Which this is a good thing because the whole idea of the album is for each song to be able to perfectly merge into the next, but each song is distinct enough to be their own individual thing. For the best experience with this album I definitely recommend listening from the start to the end.

Nonagon Infinity may be king gizzards best album, if not the best psych, prog rock album of all time.

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– Dylan Case