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  • NFTs, what are they?
NFTs, what are they?

Non fungible tokens

If you had a card that cannot be replicated and/or never will be, it becomes non-fungible, that is what that word means. Anything that is made digital can be made an NFT so as long as the original cannot be replicated, they are a part of the Ethereum blockchain although most of the excitement is with art NFTs.

now the purpose of NFTs can depend on whether you are a buyer or the creator of the NFT, however both ends can sell since NFTs have a feature where the creator can gain a percentage of profit whenever customers are the product to one another. This could potentially be a great form of passive income. For the user although purchasing an NFT can enable some basic usage rights, the user can use this area of the web to trade and make some money off of, they can buy an NFT that they may predict will be very trendy or one that is in high value, and then sell for a good price to make some profit.

The most someone has made off of an NFT?

An anonymous 18-year-old has reported to have sold his NFT for about 17 million pounds

NFTs in games?

There are games that let you have NFTs as items and within the world of the metaverse, plots of land can be sold as an NFT. This revolutionizes the world of game and we should expect a change within the industry in the coming years. Bringing NFTs into the world of gaming can change the way games are played and therefore also make even more competitive since you would be able to win prizes that no one else but you can have.