JS not enabled Under Age Girl Forced To Marry
Girl Forced To Marry
Under Age Girl Forced To Marry

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Under Age Girl Forced To Marry

A father has been arrested for forcing his daughter to marry a Bangladeshi man in his late 30’s in their family lounge room.

The girl was woken up on her 14th birthday and forced to marry the man in question who was in his 30s, her father has now been jailed after he admitted child cruelty,  the girl’s husband who now resides in Bangladesh went on to sexually assault her.

Manchester Crown court was told the girl had no idea what was going on at the time and during the ceremony, which an Imam performed, the girl was being ‘pinched’ by relatives when she was supposed to speak, this girl did not understand the language. A Judge has been quoted as saying she was ‘betrayed’ by her father, and now lies at risk to ‘long-lasting harm’. Manchester Crown Court was told relatives of the now 14-year-old girl dressed her in her bedroom in ‘wedding finery and jewellery’.

Daily Manchester isn’t releasing the girls name or her father’s for legal motives.

No charges are being conveyed against anyone else.