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Taylor Swift vs Apple Music
Taylor Swift vs Apple Music

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Taylor Swift vs Apple Music

Earlier this month (June 8th), Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) unleashed new software updates across their phones, computers and tablets.  This included iOS 9 & Mac OS X El Capitan; as well as WatchOS 2 for the Apple Watch.  Alongside the release of iOS9, Apple also released Apple Music, the new music streaming service by Apple.  Apple have a humungous reputation in the music community.  They revolutionized how we listen to music with the original iPod, and now they aim to do that again.  Music streaming services have been around for quite awhile now.  Spotify being one of the first; which was initially only in mainland Europe, and then later it expanded to the UK and America.  Apple’s answer to music streaming services is Apple music.

Apple Music

Apple Music; which will be released June 30th, is set to take on other streaming services.  It will be available on Mac and Windows via iTunes & it will also be available on iOS and suprisingly Android as well.  The entire iTunes library will be available as well as human-curated playlists and more.  However, more intriguingly Apple have also took on the task of connecting artists directly with their fans, via a social platform within Apple Music.  Furthermore, in an extremely interesting move Apple will also be releasing Beats 1; a 24/7 online radio station, featuring world class DJs such as Zane Lowe and many more.  It will have headquarters in LA, New York and London.  Switching accordingly depending on the time of day for a seamless 24/7 radio experience.  Watch this space music fans.

Taylor Swift:

On June 21st, Taylor Swift created a blog post on her Tumblr entitled “To Apple, Love Taylor”.  In this post a very modest and fair Taylor Swift expresses her feeling towards Apple’s initial decision to not pay artists for the FREE trial period of Apple Music (which anyone can get for 3 months).  In response to this, Taylor who has full control over her music decided to pull her platinum-selling album, “1989” from Apple Music.  Taylor isn’t afraid to do this; in 2011 she removed her entire music collection from Spotify.  In her blog post she showed nothing but respect for Apple.  She believes that Apple is a truly innovative company, however she thought that the particular decision Apple had made to not pay artists for the initial 3 month trial period was wrong and far from innovative.  She later explained that “We don’t ask you for free iPhones.  Please don’t ask us to provide you with our music for no compensation.”  Which is very fair.  Apple then responded to this by stating that artists would get an increase in royalties to compensate for this 3 month period; however they then said that they’d decided to pay for the 3 month trial period; to the delight and joy for many independent artists and people who are starting out.  This is great for Apple as just days before the release of Apple Music, independent labels as well as the record label, Beggars Group have all decided to sign onto Apple Music; this brings popular artists such as the Arctic Monkeys and Adele onto Apple Music.  A huge victory before Apple Music has even been released!  Apple Music will cost $9.99 for a single membership or a family membership for $14.99 per month.  The UK price is expected to be £9.99 for a single membership and £14.99 for a family membership; however this hasn’t been confirmed.

The 3rd quarter will really show how Apple music goes.  In my opinion, at the same price point as the Spotify premium membership; Apple will see a large wealth of people joining the service as Apple devices have widespread usage as well as Apple Music being available for Android it will gain lots of popularity.  However for audiophiles; people who respect the artistry of vinyl records and the quality of music, won’t stay with Apple Music as the quality isn’t as good as other streaming services.

You can find out more about Apple Music by clicking here.

Article Author: Eastyy