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Spain Madrid in chaos
Spain Madrid in chaos

The Capital of Spain Madrid in chaos (Coronavirus Covid-19)

People who could be saved from Covid 19 (the coronavirus) are left to die as the country is overwhelmed from the amount of coronavirus cases.

This is a message to the whole world.

Stay Home

Stay Safe

DailyManchester.co.uk has uploaded this video. Everyone needs to watch this video.

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The message:

Hello, good morning

I find it hard to convey this message, I have tears rolling down my cheeks.

I’ve received a couple of audio messages

Telling me that respirators are being removed from people over 65 in Madrid.

And they’re sedating them until they pass away.

Because there are no respirators (ventilators, gas masks, oxygen mask) for everyone and they want to give those to the youngest.

I’ll play the audio and try to calm down, then I’ll comment on it.

Please listen to it and share it on all social media.

We have a duty to this nation, to our elders.

We can’t let them die in this worthless manner.

We cannot!

Audio Sound from a doctor in Madrid:

Well, the situation in Madrid with a single word:


Politicians are unable to see or don’t want to see what’s happening.

There are way too many patients per nurses and doctors.

There are no materials, no space, no respirators (ventilators, gas masks, oxygen mask).

Look, a lot of patients must be sedated and hold by their hand since families can’t be by their side comforting them as they die…

To release respirators for people under 65 years old we’re told to put on a brave face, fill up with courage and go to work knowing that you are going to have to let many people die.

I cry at home, I cry at night, but I go to work the next morning.


And provide medical equipment in Madrid, otherwise it will not be contained.

We won’t be able to stop the spread of the coronavirus (Covid 19)!

Here, even the strongest will die!

Even the powerful will die!

Please share this message widely and let everyone know that choices are being made as to who won’t get intubated because there aren’t enough respirators (ventilators, gas masks, oxygen mask).

Either we stoop it in time, or we all end up in a sinkhole.

What I’m also going to tell you about economic measures, why will the future economic state of the self-employed matter to politicians. If they don’t care about the current state of our healthcare personnel. How can they worry about the economy if they don’t even care about our lives!

This is what it is.

This is the last straw.

I don’t mean the last straw for the economy.

I mean the last straw for everything!

I mean the ship is sinking!

Hospitals are overcrowded.

Doctors are choosing who lives and who dies (no questions asked).

So, please share this message with the world.

I’m an active (working) doctor in Madrid.

This is not a lie; this is not a hoax.

This is a true account of what is happening to the hospitals in Madrid.

Person on the video talks:

Listening to this audio I have few messages:


Today I’m going to get in touch with people from China to inform the Chinese government since they have managed the pandemic, to see if they can send us respirators (ventilators, gas masks, oxygen mask) as a sympathy gesture.

Another message of solidarity that I want to ask for, it will fall on deaf ears because as you have heard they don’t care.

I want to tell the government: Ladies and Gentlemen, you acted late and you are responsible for the crisis that we have now in Spain.

In healthcare, economy and social.

Wouldn’t it be fair for your wages to be taken away for as long as this crisis lasts as you are responsible for not taking the appropriate measures earlier!

You will need to spend your salaries buying more respirators (ventilators, gas masks, oxygen mask) to prevent these people from dying because what you are doing directly or indirectly right now, only has one word:


And you will have to answer for it when the time comes.

Please, I ask that everyone share this video!

We can’t let the people who lifted this country die.

Many of you have parents over 65 years old.

It would be a shame if they died without you by their side.

Sedated and suffocated because they didn’t have a respirator (ventilators, gas masks, oxygen mask).

I’m very upset.

Long live Spain.

Please share this.

I can no longer continue because I can no longer contain my tears.

The end of the video.


Similar situation is in Italy, a Greek Otolaryngologists George from Papa Giovanni hospital in Italy has said the same things. The coronavirus victims are so many that all doctors must make a choice who lives and who dies due to the shortage of respirator (ventilators, gas masks, oxygen mask).

Dr Giorgos Giourgos from Papa Giovanni hospital (located in Bergamo Italy) was very distressed for having to make these decisions and he asked from everyone to help all the doctors in the world by stay home and stay safe.

Message from DailyManchester.co.uk



By looking after yourselves, you are looking after others and mainly the doctors.

UK has not reached the Covid-19 peak yet.

The worst to come in our country.

Please don’t panic.

Stay calm.

Stay safe

Listen to the government’s advice!


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