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Schoolgirl Arrested
Schoolgirl Arrested

Schoolgirl Arrested

A 16-year-old schoolgirl who has been arrested with a teenage boy who are known to be involved in a terror attack on police officers during the Anzac Day parade in Australia has pleaded guilty to two terror charges at Manchester Magistrates’ Court.

Following her arrest in the early days of April, the case has been under investigation by the North West Counter Terrorism Unit.

Inquiries into the terror attacks has led to a young 14-year-old boy, from Blackburn, to become under arrest by police officers, this is due to his statement admitting the involvement in a plot to attack police forces inside Australia.

The young girl from Manchester cannot be named because of her age.

The two guilty offences come under section 58 of the Terrorism Act 2000.


Schoolgirl Arrested-DailyManchester.co.uk-Daily-News-Manchester-Day-And-Manchester-Evening-News-dailyn-news