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Paul Massey Shot
Paul Massey Shot

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Paul Massey Shot

A former convicted criminal, whom was once branded with the title as Salford’s “Mr Big” by Salford Councillor Joe Burrows during a town hall meeting which was to discuss civil disturbances in 1992.

The police released a statement announcing that Massey was killed by a masked gunman who wearing “military-style” clothes.

The 55-year-old father-of-five, who is a security boss and businessman was found by police outside his Salford home on Saturday evening, after “Mr Big” managed to call emergency services from his driveway informing them he had been shot and needed assistance.

Many key witnesses saw the suspect approach Paul Massey at about 19:30 as he exited his BMW at his own home in Manchester Road, Clifton.

After firing shots, the assailant left down the side of St Anne’s Church on foot.

Police are appealing for anyone with information regarding the tragic incident to come forward.

Our thoughts go out to the family of Mr. Massey at this tragic time.


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