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Money-laundering on Twitch

Money-laundering on Twitch

Last month the massive Twitch leak that happens revealed just how much the streamers are getting paid wit those at the top earning millions.link to that post here

While the leak didn’t bother many streamers those in Turkey were in trouble.The leak revealed that they would receive large amounts of bits in despite a small following count, bits are a virtual currency that fans use to “cheer” their streamers and give them income with twitch taking a cut.

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The scam was easy to do so many streamers joined in, thieves would use stolen credit cards to purchase large amounts of bits witch the streamer would then refund into other bank accounts and cards whilst also earning a cut for their troubles. Some big streamers  such as Legoo who streams and plays valorant professionally explained his situation in a twit longer witch you can find here.

Twitch has taken action to those who abused the system tough no extra details were given.

News by Harrison Christopher