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Meta’s new leap in technology

Meta’s new leap in technology

The recently rebranded Facebook now called meta is working on a haptic feedback glove that is designed to add touch sensations when used in their ambiguous project the metaverse and other VR environments. This picture shows how early in design the glove is as it has exposed wires and a rustic look. However, this is one step closer to achieving full immersion in VR, this cannot be achieved without technology like this and if we were to implement it into everyday task things like this leap from basic controllers to this will be necessary.

leap in technology

(Image credit: Meta Reality Labs)

According to reality labs director people can touch, feel and manipulate objects in a VR space just as they would in real life. The glove has triggering actuators applying pressure to the hand depending on the object being held. 

Meta’s goal is to scale up to thousands of actuators which could be used to simulate an endless number of scenarios such as sports or gaming, however there is still a long way to go before we can use this technology in our lives. 

Despite Meta’s ambitions, the glove isn’t the first attempt at forwarding technology as in the past they have had multiple failed projects and it may not even release. No further details have been released about pricing and release however time will tell if technology finds a use in today’s world, or it will have left as an interesting concept. 

News by Harrison Christopher

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