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Hydrogen Bomb
Korea Tests Hydrogen Bomb

Seismic vibration magnitude of 5.1 on the Richter scale (according to the American USGS) occurred Wednesday morning (6/1) at 10:30 local time in North Korea in an area used by the country’s regime for nuclear tests – Demonstration of power the North Korean regime test of the hydrogen bomb.

The earthquake under what imparted state television of North Korea, came from a successful low-power hydrogen bomb explosion.
“The first hydrogen bomb test of the Republic held successfully (local time, 3:30 GMT) on January 6, 2016, based on the strategic determination of the Party of Labour”, which governs the country, reported the official North Korean TV.

Indeed, Pyongyang announced that it will continue to strengthen its nuclear program to be protected from the hostile US policies.

The North Korean news agency reported after the fourth nuclear test carried out by Pyongyang that the country will not abandon its nuclear program while the US insist on he described as their “aggressive attitude”.

North Korea added that it would act as a responsible nuclear state and pledged not to use its nuclear weapons if not violated national sovereignty.

He also noted that it would transfer its nuclear capabilities to other sides.

At the same time, the president of South Korea Park Gunma-Hye convened an extraordinary meeting of the National Security Council of the country.

Earlier, Chinese, Japanese and South Korean officials said there were indications that the vibration caused by human action, which means that North Korea may have used atomic bomb that exploded!

“We suspect an artificial earthquake and analyze the scale and the epicenter of the earthquake on the geology and mineral resources institute of South Korea,” he said by telephone an official of the Meteorological Service of South Korea told Reuters.

Chief spokesman of Japan said that the earthquake that occurred in North Korea can be a nuclear test, based on prior experience.

US official at the Pentagon, speaking anonymously, said that “we explore the information that was likely seismic event of nuclear facilities in North Korea.”

The hydrogen bomb (or H-bomb) is much stronger than that of plutonium that had the country so far, which significantly enhances its nuclear arsenal.

With international name H-Bomb (Hydrogen Bomb), is 100 to 1000 times more destructive than what a simple atomic fission bomb.


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