Game Engines 2017
Game Engines 2017

The best Game Engines in 2017 can be found here

First of all, let’s find out what a game engine is.  A video game engine is otherwise known as the core software (the core program) of a video game.

Lots of people regularly confuse the game with the actual game engine itself. Games and Game Engines are not the same. The game engine may be used to create a particular game, but it is also reprogrammed to support information to construct a totally different game too.

A great way of explaining it is just like this:

Consider computer components –

e.g. Motherboard, Processor, RAM (Random Access Memory), Power Supply Unit, Computer Case, etc.

Now think of an actual computer system.

“The computer system is like a game engine.” On the Computer system, you can replace the RAM, CPU, and the computer case so you can create a better, faster and more attractive Computer system simply by reusing the same motherboard, cables, Hard Drives, PSU, etc.

A game engine could be utilised in the same manner.

A game engine takes proper care of the rendering along with other functions or technologies which make the game development process quicker and accurate.  Furthermore, you have the ability through the game engine to test your game on different platforms (PC, Mobile Phone, Tablet, etc.) and different operating systems (Windows, Android, OSx, etc.).

The game engines also could undertake additional responsibilities, for example, artificial intelligence (AI) and discover collisions between game objects, however, the most common element that the game engine provides is 2D or 3D graphics rendering facilities.

The Unity and Unity 3D Game Engine is one of the best game engines which used by game developers today.   There are many other outstanding game engines which are listed below however the top 3 for me are: Unit 2D/3D, Game Maker, and Construct 2. Let me know what you think by adding your comments Here:



Game Engine Initial Release URL
Click Team Fusion 03/02/1993
Unreal Engine 01/07/1998
App Game Kit 06/05/1999
FPS creator Reloaded 06/05/1999
Game Maker 15/11/1999
Cry Engine 02/05/2002
FPS Creator 08/06/2002
Big World 07/08/2002
Havok Vision Engine 17/02/2003
Unigine 12/05/2005
WiMi5 05/06/2005
Unity 2D & Unity 3D 08/06/2005
S2 Engine 05/08/2006
Leadwerks 03/09/2006
Game Salad 06/04/2007
Torque 3D 15/05/2007
Cocos 2D & Cocos 2D-X 29/02/2008
Fox Engine 05/04/2008
G Develop 05/06/2008
Turbulenz 02/05/2009
Solpeo Engine 21/11/2009
DICE 01/05/2010
Construct 2 04/02/2011
Monkey X 01/03/2011
Hero Engine 05/12/2012
V-Play 12/12/2012
Shi Va 21/12/2013
Game Stylus 05/04/2014
libGDX 20/04/2014 httpss://
J Monkey 12/06/2014
Play Canvas 01/07/2014
Loom SDK 05/07/2014
Haxe Flixel & Haxe Punk 06/05/2015
Gideros Mobile 08/06/2015
Corona SDK 18/02/2016
Love 2D 05/06/2016
Marmalade 15/09/2016