JS not enabled Facebook and Microsoft Announces Deal
Facebook and Microsoft Announces Deal
Facebook and Microsoft Announces Deal

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Facebook and Microsoft Announces Deal
Facebook the owners of the Oculus Virtual Reality headset have just struck a deal with Microsoft that will allow Xbox One gamers to play there games with the Oculus Rift. The first consumer version of the Oculus rift is expected to be launched early 2016.

The first Oculus Rift is to come with a Xbox One Controller as well as a Xbox adapter.

This event did not stop the announcements there, Phil Spencer also announced that the Oculus will be supported on Windows 10 as well so no fear PC gamers you can use this marvelous device as well.

The deal allows for the Oculus Rift to have a gaming platform to live on which give game developers to have another aspect to build their games around.

Now that this deal has been announced it allows Xbox to be able to compete with Sony’s Project Morpheus another virtual reality for PlayStation 4 also coming 2016.

The Oculus Rift’s PC requirements will only need Windows 7 SP1 or higher but with it being announced to work on Windows 10 the best, gamers have to consider whether to take the leap into the next operating system or stay on the operating system that they are currently on.

There are high hopes for the Windows 10 operating system, as Windows 8 was not popular when was first released and is still not popular with the users now as most Windows 8 up-graders revert the operating back to windows 7.

The hype for virtual reality is really high with the announcement of the first-generation Oculus Rift and the Oculus Touch hand controllers that allow for precision movement of virtual items.

Prior to this announcement Pendleton College located in Manchester, Salford held an event called Girls in IT and at this event, the future of virtual reality was discussed as well as other aspects of IT were discussed as well such as HCI, gaming and much more.