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Eurovision 2016 Scam
Eurovision song contest 2016 Scam

Eurovision song contest 2016 Scam

How did this happen? After completing a detailed research, I concluded that Ukraine’s song was the least favourite, and personally, I didn’t like it at all. I was very happy seeing Ukraine being in the Eurovision 2016 however I don’t think the song they had was the one deserve to win the competition.  The people who predicted that this song will win, they have made a lot of money as Ukraine was the underdog in this Eurovision contest. I believe that an investigation needs to take place as seeing the views and likes of all the songs on YouTube, the actual outcome doesn’t make sense.  It smells corruption and political agenda.  We know this in the UK as year after year we see beautiful UK songs only to get few credits however now with YouTube, the artists can feel prouder and more confident as YouTube doesn’t lie.
Yes, there are people with 2 and 5 YoutTube accounts, but this doesn’t make any difference when you have million voters. The real result was given by the power of many. You can bribe few people and few people can have multiple YouTube accounts but you can’t bribe the public. The public has the power, and this is clearly visible on YouTube.  The public has voted clearly for Russia to win so why this didn’t happen?  Who is behind, the dodgy and fake result?
If Russian’s song was bad, would Ukraine be No1?
The Russian government needs to put their CIA to investigate and the scammers to be arrested.
Eurovision started by EU and only EU countries competed.
Now you have countries who are not in Europe (e.g. Australia, Israel, etc) and countries who are in Europe (e.g. Greece) not being able to qualify (their song wasn’t the best, however, wasn’t as bad as some other songs which managed to qualify).  From next year, they should call it Worldvision and not Eurovision. It will make more sense.
Greece has helped Europe in the past many times financially and physically (by sharing resources and army).  Now Greece is in significant financial problems with the wrong choice of politicians they have voted for, and the rest of the EU don’t even want to know them.
Why is this?
It looks like “what is mine is mine and what’s yours is ours.”

Eurovision 2016 very fishy

eurovision 2016 very fishy

Jamala – 1944 (Ukraine) 2016 Eurovision Song Contest

Sergey Lazarev – You are the only one (Eurovision 2016 Russia)


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