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E3: Star Trek VR
E3: Star Trek VR

There’s a window in one of the sides of Ubisoft’s gigantic E3 stall, and through it you can see individuals playing the new Star Trek Bridge Crew virtual reality amusement.

We couldn’t play the diversion ourselves, yet watching others through glass was an adequate move down alternative. The woman in red is managing the demo and isn’t playing.

The four individuals situated are playing. They’re all wearing Oculus Rift headsets and wielding Oculus Touch controllers in every hand (the diversion is additionally slated for the Vive and PlayStation VR. Those hand controllers are followed by a camera and permit the developments of the in-amusement characters to take after those of the players, all things considered.

The man in the checked shirt is in charge and is guiding the boat. To his privilege is an architect, who you can’t see.

The person in yellow is the commander. He is by all accounts ready to look outside the boat and distinguish purposes of interest.

The person in the white shirt is on strategic. He handles weapons. In the shot above, notification how he is coming to with his left hand. The screen above shows what he can see. You can see his character’s hand coming to forward. On the off chance that you take a gander at the screen in the upper left of the photo, you’ll see the symbols for every one of the four players. Our strategic person is the lady in green situated at the console. Note that her exited hand is coming to forward. We have four characters, all being puppeteered by VR gamers. Quite cool.

The demo that these people were playing appeared to be short. They flew around, connected with a Klingon ship, and won the fight. Probably there’s something else entirely to it than that, however even this essential experience that you can see through Ubisoft’s window looks quite cool.

You can see a smooth presentation of this diversion in this authority E3 trailer:



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