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E-Cigarettes facing ban
E-Cigarettes facing ban

E-Cigarettes facing ban

E-Cigarettes could be facing a ban in enclosed public places in Wales under new fundamental policies.

The Welsh Government has decided that it wants to bring the devices in line with existing smoking laws. Mark Drakeford who is Wales’ own Health Minister has been quoted as saying e-cigarettes were a “gateway” to deadly tobacco and risked “renormalizing smoking”. These proposals are formed as part of a new Public Health Bill, which also aims to illegalising handing over tobacco to under 18s as well as introducing new laws for tattooists.

The bill will basically propose that anywhere it is not of convention to use a normal cigarette then you won’t be able to use an e-cigarette either. It will prevent the renormalisation of smoking.

Anti-smoking group Ash have made estimated calculations that are now at 2.6 million “Vapours” are in use in the UK – e-cigarette firms are often branching there product as being cheaper and less harmful way compared to conventional smoking.

Dr Ruth Hussey who is the Wales’ Chief Medical Officer has welcomed the idea of having stricter controls on piercing and the amount of licenses tattooists can gain.


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