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Driving License Changes
Driving License Changes

Driving License Changes

The Driving License System is due for a revolution from the 8th June; experts are warning these changes could leave families stranded at airports late into the night. As of June 8th the DVLA are scrapping the paper driving license and incriminating information such as fines and penalty points will have a location to be stored online. The change could have a huge effect on people who may want to hire cars abroad.

As well as having to obtain a plastic driving photo license, UK motorists will have to obtain a special online code which they will have to receive from the DVLA website before they travel. To obtain a code – this only lasts 72 hours! – A driver would have to key in there driving license details and their personal NIM (National Insurance Number. This means if they are on holiday they would have to log in again and re-obtain a code if they are hiring a car on a long holiday.

Experts fear that these changes will just cause delays and confusion.

A motoring lawyer with Simpson Millar solicitors in Chester Road – Julie Robertson – has been quoted as saying “Drivers are confused by the new rules and that’s the ones who have come to me for advice”.

“Families could easily find themselves stranded at airports in the middle of nowhere at night after being refused a hire car. It’s a very worrying situation”.


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