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Covid19 No 761 Deaths 15/04/2020
Covid19 No 761 Deaths 15/04/2020


Matt Hancock gives coronavirus update today 15/04/2020 and he has announced that 313,769 tests carried out across Great Britain, and 98, 476 tested positive.

Furthermore, he mentioned that 19,529 people with coronavirus are in hospital and receiving treatment from the NHS staff.

Matt Hancock added that 12,868 have sadly died an increase of 761 people since yesterday.

Please note! Behind each one of these deaths, there is a name a loss and a family that will not be the same again. We all share the responsibility to tackle this virus by staying at home.

The total number of Covid-19 cases in UK today 15/04/2020 rises to:
98, 476 Confirmed Cases and 12,868 Confirmed Deaths

The UK’s Daily Total for Covid-19 cases is now 98, 476 (4,603 more people than the number recorded yesterday) and the number of the people died today 15/04/2020, is now 761.
In UK 12,868 people died from Coronavirus recorded so far.

Covid-19 Coronavirus speech from the UK’s MP Matt Hancock


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