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Metro link Expansion
Club Halts Proposed Metro link Expansion

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Club Halts Proposed Metro link Expansion

Transport for Greater Manchester have plans to purchase land just north of Old Trafford Stadium this is all part of proposals to build a new line and a number of six new stops out to the Trafford Centre.

These plans have been shown the red card by Manchester United, who have put a halt to the £350m Metro link extension plans passing Old Trafford to the Trafford Centre. The bosses of Manchester United Football Club are the latest to object to the plans, expressing the concerns involving the danger these plans could lay out for some of the 75,000 supporters who leave the ground on match days.

The club itself welcomed the extension ‘in principle’ but have said the plans ‘pose grace safety and logistical concern’ for match day operations, during the preparations and building regulations until completion of the project around 2019.

The transports bosses have answered these claims by saying they would ever pose a dangerous scheme.

The Football Club itself only holds concerns around one of six proposed stops along the entire route proposals, this route is Wharfside for Old Trafford – this is located on Trafford Wharf Road.


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