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C-19 UK Breakdown 30/03/2020
C-19 UK Breakdown 30/03/2020

The total number of Covid-19 cases in UK today 30/03/2020 rises to:
22,141 Confirmed Cases and 1,408 Confirmed Deaths

The UK’s Daily Total for Covid-19 cases is now 2, 619 and the number of the the people died is now 180.

Coronavirus UK breakdown 30/03/2020

The numbers in England are as follow:
18,594 Confirmed Cases and 1,284 Confirmed deaths recorded

The numbers in Scotland are as follow:
1,563 Confirmed Cases and 41 Confirmed deaths recorded

The numbers in Wales are as follow:
1,451 Confirmed Cases and 62 Confirmed deaths recorded

The numbers in N. Ireland are as follow:
533 Confirmed Cases and 21 Confirmed deaths recorded

On the positive side, 135 people have recovered from the Corona virus.

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Coronavirus (Covid-19 kills)!

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