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Buelle Hill Academy Awarded LPPA
Buelle Hill Academy Awarded LPPA

Buelle Hill Academy Awarded LPPA - Buelle Hill AcademyThe Story

On the 9th of November, local Salford school Buelle Hill Academy was awarded the Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA). It gained the award for its how investing in parent and carer communications to ensure the success of pupils. Award Place was the awarding body which gave out the award to the academy. The LPPA is an award that is given to schools who show a sustained approach to parental engagement. This means that the school gives a good experience for parents.

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Things Buelle Hill Academy have

Another thing to note is the Academy’s partnerships with primary schools. These allow for easier transitions for both parents and students. In general, Buelle Hill Academy received most of its praise during lockdown.. They made messages clear between parents and the school well during this time. Recently, the school reported a 50% increase in attendance to online parents evenings. This shows that the school values both the parents and the students. All parents were also offered a weekly guidance call for support.

Written by Oliver Rayson

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