JS not enabled Brother Feud Over Pigeons
Brother Feud Over Pigeons
Brother Feud Over Pigeons

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Brother Feud Over Pigeons

A ‘fearsome’ man has been stabbed three times by his own brother in a dispute over pigeons and has reportedly forgiven the attacker!!

George Champley was told he could easily have killed his brother Steven by knifing him at their family home in Thornaby near Middlesbrough. But the stab victim has confessed since the incident that it was his own fault as he caused the violence, by pushing his brother to far, and said his brother doesn’t deserve jail time. The siblings clashed over whether pigeons had been let out, which was reported by Teesside Crown Court.

George, 22, said his brother Steven had a “fearsome reputation for violence”, and was known for using weapons and had been violent towards him before over the years of siblingship. He told the court that Steven woken him up and started threatening him and attacked him with a large piece of wood which was thriving with rusty nails.

He also told of the events that led up to the incident of him being stabbed, saying he was knocked to the floor and confused, while George picked up a knife and struck out three times “fearing I would be hurt much more”.

George Champley, of Thornaby, admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm, was his first violent crime. Steven also spoke and said how George cared for their terminally ill brother, and wanted to spend time with her towards the end of her life. The Judge said the offence was very serious and could only be met with immediate imprisonment, passing a one year jail term to George.