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Britain's National Bird
Britain’s National Bird

Britain’s National Bird

Britain’s national bird has been decided by 200,000 people after ornithologist David Lindo launched a campaign to aid the discovery. France has the national bird of the Gallic rooster, America has the bald eagle and now Britain has the robin.

David Lindo has launched a nationwide ballot which saw more than 200,000 people elect the robin as Britain’s national bird, after it swooped away with 34% of the vote. The next biggest competition was the barn owl which had an astonishing 12% of the votes overall and then the blackbird came third with 11% to allow the Robin to claim the title.

People had the option to vote online, at ballot boxes inside of schools and even by post, which was following a campaign to name Britain’s national bird. The project because some time last year when David realised Britain did not have a national bird, unlike India, Japan and France.

Mr Lindo said he was going to speak to the government once the public had voted to see if the winner – The Robin- could be awarded the title officially.

The red-breasted creature has long been a part of Britain’s cultural tapestry, which is most notably adorning Christmas decorations every year. It was in the selection along with nine others from a list of 60 birds which may have a preliminary vote and a ballot for the final 10 opened to the British public in March.


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