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Brexit 24-03-2020
Brexit 24-03-2020

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Brexit 24/03/2020

Pound to Euro 24-03-2020

Has Brexit benefit Britain?


The time will show (So far the answer is NO as the British Pound keeps dropping).
Let’s follow the currency value.

Dollar to Pound on the 24th March 2020

1 Pound = 1.16 Dollars

Pound to Dollar 24-03-2020


Dollar to Pound on the 9th July 2019

1 Pound = 1.25 Dollars


Pound to Euro – Google Search (27/01/2019)
1 British Pound equals
1.16 Euro



Pound to Euro – Google Search (03/10/2016)
1 British Pound equals
1.15 Euro

Pound to Dollar – Google Search (03/10/2016)

1 British Pound equals
1.28 US Dollar

The images below shows evidence of today’s Google’s currency results.

03-10-2016 Pound to US Dollar

Pound to Dollar-03-10-2016

03-10-2016 Pound to Euro

Pound to Euro-03-10-2016


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