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Anonymous Hacks ISIS Twitter Accounts
Anonymous Hacks ISIS Twitter Accounts

Anonymous has propelled another flood of hacking assaults against Islamic State (Isis), assuming control online networking accounts connected with the gathering and giving them a LGBT-enhanced makeover.

The free hacking aggregate, which became out of the scandalous 4Chan discussion in the late 2000s, reported its war on Isis in 2015, taking control of very nearly 100 twitter accounts taking after the Charlie Hebdo assaults in Paris that year.

Presently, after the homicide of 49 individuals in a gay club in Orlando, Florida, a programmer who passes by the name WauchulaGhost says he has taken control of more than 200 records having a place with Isis supporters. This time, as opposed to just keep the clients out of the records or report them to Twitter, the cybervigilante has given the records a gay-accommodating makeover.

While a portion of the hacked records are currently suspended by Twitter, three are still on the web, clearly still under the control of WauchulaGhost. Addressing CNN, he clarified his inspiration: “You had every one of those honest lives lost. I just felt there’s something I could do against the Islamic State to protect those individuals.”

To begin with, he posted express gay porn and in addition the rainbow banners, however dialed back subsequent to got notification from individuals who bolstered the thought yet not the practice. “There was a couple of us … that found a helplessness,” he told CNN. “We thought, ‘Hey how about we go begin taking their records … and mortifying them.'”

It stays indistinct whether such activities help the more extensive battle against Isis on the web. Supporters of the gathering are as of now used to having to quickly switch accounts as they get suspended by informal organizations, and have very much created frameworks set up for offering the names of new records to old devotees. Frequently, the client is back soon after with another digit added to the end of their name.

It’s liable to be more helpful than the last Anonymous operation to target Isis, in any case, which included spamming Isis-related hashtags with recordings of Rick Astley’s melody Never Gonna Give You Up.


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