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87 Died Today- 24/03/2020
87 Died Today- 24/03/2020

87 Died Today- 24/03/2020

The Biggest Number so far in a single day: 87 Died- 24/03/2020

First day of the whole UK being on a three-week lock-down and the virus still spreading.

The largest number of dead people “victims of Coronavirus (Covid-19)”, recorded today 24/03/2020 at 16:00.

We all need to listen to the government’s instructions and stay home in order to stop the virus spread.

If you are alone, vulnerable or you need help with your groceries or even need someone to talk to, please contact DailyManchester by using the contact us form.

Message from the DailyManchester team:

Stay Safe – Stay Home – This will pass, we can make it if we all work together!


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