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7000 Dead in 1 Month
7000 Dead in 1 Month

7000 Dead in 1 Month from COVID 19 in Italy.
The whole world needs to see and act immediately.
I went out today 24/03/2020 at 18:40 to buy groceries for myself and few neighbours (they are over 70 years old). I went out with a mask and single use gloves; people were looking at me and they were laughing as I was the only one who was taking this seriously. Iceland at 18:50 refused to open the doors (I was told that they closed even though there was plenty food on the shelves).  I had to visit a number of other shops in order to find everything I was asked by my neighbours to bring back due to shortages. I had to go to Aldi, Asda and B&M Home Bargains.
I can confirm that none of the staff were wearing a mask and only in B&M and Aldi out of all the staff I saw, 1 staff member in B&M and 2 in Aldi were wearing single use gloves (the gloves they were wearing were tired and ripped which indicated that they probable had them on all day without changing them (Disgrace, this was the first word came to my mind).

After this, I am really worried that if one of their staff has the Coronavirus, they have touched these product which I brought to my home and pass these products to the elder people as well, we may be infected too.
One thing for sure, these are definitely the shops I will not be buying anything from until the Coronavirus it is fully disappear.
A sincere apology from the head office of each shop mentioned above needs to be given and immediate action needs to be taken to ensure customers are safe.
Please write a comment below if you had a similar experience. We need to spread the word to stop the virus.

The story was reported by Mr Ioannis Ntizoglou on the 24/03/2020


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