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13-04-2020-1,454 people Died Since 11/04/2020
13-04-2020-1,454 people Died Since 11/04/2020


Dominic Raab gives coronavirus update today 13/04/2020 and he has announced that 290,720 tests carried out across Great Britain, and 88, 621 tested positive.

Dominic Raab added that 11,329 have sadly died an increase of 1,454‬ people since the 11/04/2020.

Please note! Behind each one of these deaths, there is a name a loss and a family that will not be the same again. We all share the responsibility to tackle this virus by staying at home.

The total number of Covid-19 cases in UK today 13/04/2020 rises to:
88, 621 Confirmed Cases and 11,329 Confirmed Deaths

The number of the people died within the last two days and recorded today 13/04/2020, is now 1,454‬.
In UK 11,329 people died from Coronavirus recorded so far.

Covid-19 Coronavirus speech from the UK’s MP Priti Patel


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