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  • New Valorant update, new agent Chamber
New Valorant update, new agent Chamber

New Valorant update, new agent Chamber

Players can now use the new agent Chamber’s custom pistol to ADS and dominate the enemy players and his sniper ULT to one shot any enemy it hits. Chamber can also utilise his other abilities to slow and deceive enemy with his trap and teleport skills making him fun and interesting to play with.

Update 3.10 also introduces that ability for ranked players to play with any rank which should decrease the number of smurf accounts. Playing the game with further adjustments made to the ranking system so the game can maintain its competitive edge. The game will increase or decrease depending on the rank and  skill of each person in the lobby so lower ranks are unable to play with their high ranked friends. A full list of these changes can be found in the patch notes.

4 stacks were removed from the game as well as the game experience would be “poor” for the solo player. Riot have confirmed that they are monitoring and making changes to places that need it.

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