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  • Gamers are angry as scalpers cause shortages in consoles
Gamers are angry as scalpers cause shortages in consoles

Gamers are angry as  new gen consoles are running out of stock and being sold by scalpers in inflated price causing PS5 and Xbox series X shortages.

As soon as the new consoles resale to the public all across the world issues started to appear, there wasn’t any consoles to buy angry gamers were protesting in America and Britain, all of them were sold out and if you wanted to get one you had to pay thousands of dollars to third party sellers that don’t give you any benefits such as guarantee.

First, we need to know what exactly scalping is. Scalping is the process of purchasing commodities in bulk that have a high a demand and a relatively low supply, and then sell it for an inflated price and make a profit, this causes the average consumer to struggle to get what he wants because these scalpers often use bots that can finish the stock within seconds unlike buying it manually. Some companies have put measures to make scalpers’s life harder by only allowing you to buy one product at a time or by allowing you to enter a raffle that decides whether you can buy it or not. 

Last year both Microsoft and Sony released their new generation consoles, the demand was extremely high as expected with both machines going out of stock as soon as it becomes available but the problem is that while the demand was high the supply was extremely low, that naturally convinces people to buy the products in bulk and sell them in inflated prices popular auction sites like StockX, the reason for the low production of the PS5 is due to the shortage of semiconductors and other components. The lack of components combined with the unusually high demand caused by people staying in their homes during lockdown, has caused riots in Japan and frustrated gamers all around the world. 

Semiconductors and other components are lacking

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Oussama Mahrouk