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NEW Fun Video Games

NEW Fun Video Games

On my website I will be talking about the latest games which is for the latest console games that will suite the user needs, also my website will consist of review of the games posted on the site. Furthermore this website also will include some news about the games like when the games will be released.

Top upcoming games
Batman: Ark ham Knight

Star wars: battle front

Final Fantasy XV

fallout game

Fallout 4

Mad Max

Latest games

Heroes of the storm

Heroes of the storm latest RPG game that just came out in June 2 and this game is a multiplayer game online battle arena made by blizzard entertainment for PC, which is Microsoft windows and OSx. Furthermore the game heroes are the similar characteristics with two games such as Diablo and Star craft. Additionally this game is also about free to play platform supported by micropayment.


Kholat is a game made by independent studio IMGN.PRO,

The line-up never attained its objective; the complete squad dies in an inexplicable conditions.

Participants are thrown into the area where the disaster happened, years after the genuine experience, with a possibility to determine the authentic path of the calamity. Atmosphere of apprehension and terror is produced by terror management method. It is liable for exact dosing of fright and doubt, based on what the participant is exploiting, making both game play a distinctive familiarity.

Massive Chalice

MASSIVE CHALICE is a strategic tactic game lay down on an epic timeline since twice Fine manufactures. As the everlasting leader of the population, you’ll take demand of its heroes, falsify matrimony to reinforce your Bloodlines, and fight a mystifying opponent recognized as the intonation ina conflict durable hundreds of years.

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on this website includes the games about to be released this year and the ones that just came out which means the latest and the top upcoming.

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