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  • Netflix’s best show: “Squid Game”
Netflix’s best show: “Squid Game”

Squid game has recently become the number 1 trending show on Netflix and has taken the world by storm. The South Korean 9-episode series is about a world where children’s game turn deadly. It focuses on a group of people in extreme debt in south Korea, they are first tricked into a deadly tournament of children’s games such as red-light green light except the punishment of moving while on red light is death. However, many of the contestants agree to return after realising that the games may be the only chance they need to pay off their large debts. lots of money is at stake – 45 billion won which is equivalent to £27 million.

 In the first episode, main character Seong Gi-hun explains that squid game was a game kids in his neighbourhood once played on a squid shaped court. They go on to play a game of red light green light which ends with a pile of bodies and disturbed winners moving onto round 2.

 The game host says he set up the games to give everyone who needs it an equal chance at winning and making their lives better, to do this no contestants know the next game, are allowed to have any items and all get put in matching jumpsuits with their designated number on.  

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Written by Oliver Fearnhead.

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